Collection: Label Templates

You've come to the right place for your FDA compliant coffee labels! 

Must purchase a minimum of 3 labels

 Each label is $15. Each label needs to represent a separate product. 

1 Breakfast Blend 12oz whole bean = $15
1 Breakfast Blend 12oz drip grind = $15
1 Breakfast Blend 16oz whole bean = $15
1 Breakfast Blend 16oz drip grind = $15  
1 Breakfast Blend 5lb whole bean = $15
1 Breakfast Blend 5lb drip grind = $15  

Total for this Breakfast Blend offering: $90.00 (6 individual labels).
*If you want CUSTOM labels, there is an additional design fee of $200.

We will send your labels over via email, once they are complete. If you also purchase "TCR Integration" then we will upload and integrate your labels into your Shopify store. 

What can I customize on the label templates?

You will have the opportunity to upload a custom image of your choosing, or you can upload a dominant color swatch (A color swatch is just a picture of the color you want - you can grab an image off google). You can also upload an accent color swatch. Please include any special instructions on how and where you would like your image placed when prompted for special instructions. 

*Please select "Custom Label" if you have a specific vision. We will start with a blank canvas and design the label based off of your brand-specific identity.